Meeting in Manifatture Knos, Lecce, Italy form 19th - 24th of May 2015

Hereby you find my personal impressions of the Trans Europe Halles meeting in Lecce: 219 photos and the link to four short videos on Youtube. Enjoy and send this URL to others, if you want. All photos are optimized for screens - feel free to mail me if you want any originals.

Thanks a lot to the team of Manifatture Knos in Lecce, special to Michelle and the TEH-coordination and excom for this unforgetable event.



21/05: Impressions of Manifatture Knos (20 Photos about the center)
21/05: Asphalt mon amour (13 Photos Pablo explains his workshop)
22/05: Asphalt-Therapy (31 Photos working on the idea how to convert an asphalt parking lot into a garden)
22/05: Picnic of the workgroups (11 Photos showing members at a picnic between the workshops)
23/05: Workgroups (11 Photos showing different workgroups)
23/05: Sightseeing in Lecce (38 Photos Sightseeing 'centro storico' of Lecce)
24/05: Sunday outing - At the beach (11 Photos having fun at the beach, south of Lecce in Torre Dell'orso)
24/05: Sunday outing - Under olive trees (54 Photos visiting a cooperative for alternative olive-oil-production Paduli Park & relaxing and enjoying under the tress)
Special: Portraits (13 Photos of persons)
Special: David taking photos (8 Photos of David Boyd taking photos - a "must do" for me)


You find these very short videos on Youtube. I am looking forward to the professional video-report from Knos!

22/05: Pablo explains asphalt-therapy (2:15 min)
22/05: Fred works on asphalt (1:47 min)
23/05: Groups working together (1:07 min)
23/05: Lunch time (1:48 min)

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